15 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

8. Weight Loss

Similar to weight gain, diabetes can result in weight loss, as well. The problem is that your body starts to break down protein from your muscles and not fat. Furthermore, your kidneys start working excessively hard trying to trying to eliminate the extra glucose. Keep in mind that not every weight loss is healthy and go get an appointment.

7. Skin Problems

It’s not about regular acne and blackheads but much more. The defense mechanism of your body is just trying help fight against diabetes with those darkening spots, rashes and itchy skin all over your body. Luckily, these drastic changes are easy to notice so don’t wait until it gets worse.

6. Numbness and Tingling

Most people only get scared when they experience the first signs of numbness. Untreated high blood sugar has numerous detrimental effects starting from nerve damage, numbness, and tingling to pain and swelling hands and feet. Doesn’t sound that good right? You should definitely ask for help.

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