10 Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

5. The inability of making right decisions

In the early stages of AD, people begin to fail to make the right decisions. They don’t take into account all the necessary factors for making a decision. And sometimes make irresponsible and unstable choices. They fail also to recognize the danger; for instance, they try to stroll over a road at a busy time and with a ton of traffic. Money can also be included in these changes in the decision. People who were careful with their money start giving it to outsiders, whether it is money they don’t have, or they keep it themselves.

The misguided thinking involves inappropriate practices, such as a man flirting with unknown girls when he goes out with his wife.

We can also judge their terrible and bad choice through their dressing sense. For instance, people are wearing shorts and a simple T-shirt even if it’s a cold, snowy evening of winter. Another sign is the point at which they quit focusing on their personal appearance; grooming and taking care of personal health problems are included in this.

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