10 Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

3. Social Isolation

On the contrary to an age-related character change, in which past times are viewed as problematic, Alzheimer’s illness can be a sign of immediate withdrawal from public activities. Along with the forgetfulness about specific activities, Alzheimer’s patients self-isolate them and withdraw themselves from social activities. They regularly keep themselves away from contact with their friends and relatives since they are embarrassed about this brain disease or fear shame.

According to some studies, results show that social isolation is not only a barrier to the disease but can also be a reason for the disease

4. Difficulty in Planning and Solving Problems

The people who have Alzheimer’s disease face troubles in making plans and fail to organize them. Even if the person had already used some simple activities effectively, like making food from a specific recipe; due to this disease even it also becomes difficult. It gets hard to focus on different problems like tackling basic numerical questions, monitoring their bills, or keeping up a checkbook.

The individual cannot perform typical daily activities like following games rules, making a shopping list, how to use the PC or the cell phone, and also experiencing difficulty heading towards a familiar spot.

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